Sarah Neuman Small Houses

The Small Houses at the Sarah Neuman Center in Mamaroneck embody the innovative Green House® approach to eldercare. Residents live in homes, rather than in a hospital-like environment, and enjoy the highest standard of skilled nursing care.  Life in a Small House centers around the needs and preferences of the residents, as wake-up times, activities and mealtimes are based on personal preference – not institutional convenience.

Each Small House community revolves around a central kitchen, where meals are prepared daily and shared in a communal dining room. The living rooms boast a common hearth, as well as a den. The intimate, homelike environment of each Small House community creates ansetting that combines around-the-clock care with the warmth of living in one’s own home.

Ultimately, Sarah Neuman Center will include five Small House communities that will be home to 63 elders. The Small Houses include private or semi-private rooms, each with its own bathroom and shower.

For more information about the Sarah Neuman Center and the Small House communties, email Jeanette Cohen at